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Welcome to the magical world of Pantheon. Pantheon is defined as "A group of persons most highly regarded for contributions to a field or endeavor." in because who uses a real dictionary anyway? Our special field of interest is MABINOGI!

The guild Pantheon is a world filled with awesome cookies, throwing fellow guild mates around (as a joke of course), and other intense nonsense. If you are interested in having a good time and meeting great people who do ridiculous things then Pantheon is for you!

Since we are currently recruiting new members then please see the recruitment tab at the top for more information. Everyone else who is already a member of Pantheon, get on the forums and contribute to our nonsense.


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Guild News

We are the Egg Guardians!!! Woo!!!

xParcaex, Aug 23, 10 12:27 AM.

No one guards eggs better than us... 'cept maybe uhm... chickens... but they're CHICKENS!!! C'mon!!!  Anyways, our guild run of the Renes Egg Guarding game was a success... we completed it... good job you guys!!! 

First guild run!

Tomkinz :D, Jun 25, 10 1:26 PM.
That's right people. Last night your guild ran Peaca normal. After a gruesome fight, we
made it to the boss, and EMERGED VICTORIOUS! Congratulations to the people that
made it to the end: Parcae, Priam, Risacoir, Zobee, Duuds, Moonlitnight, and Tomkinz.
Thank you to everyone that helped out but had to leave half-way through.

       - Tomkinz                       

Peaca 0 Pantheon 1 YUSH!!!

xParcaex, Jun 25, 10 3:15 AM.
The guild run was awesome!!! We pwnd Peaca!

Next week... Peaca Hardmode... XP~

All the ppl that showed are uber awesome!!!

Go Team Red!!!

xParcaex, Jun 15, 10 2:49 PM.
Team Red was victorious in Sunday's guild game of Kill That Goalie... they made everyone feel newb-ish... well... sorta...

Anyways... good times... good times...

G10 is finally here!!!

xParcaex, Jun 9, 10 3:58 PM.
To celebrate the awesome-ness that is G10... we are having another guild contest.  Check out the forums for details.  GOOD LUCK everyone!
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